Lil’ Brainless® Raspberries


Beer Type: フルーツエール
ABV: 5.2%
IBU: -

Epic・Brainless シリーズであるアルコール度数 10%のビッグなブレインレス・オン・ラズベリーが気軽に楽しめるレシピになって登場。ゴールデンエールにオーガニックのラズベリーピューレを入れて醸造。アルコール度数を下げ、甘酸っぱくも後味はさっぱりリフレッシュ。程良いラズベリー感でピクニック等のアウトドア、食前酒や前菜とも相性抜群です!

Brainless Belgian Golden ale is one of Epic’s original beers from their Elevated series. When they took Brainless to the Exponential level, they decided to add fruit and barrel-aging and came up with Brainless on Peaches, Brainless on Cherries, and Brainless on Rasberries. These three fruit beers are extremely popular, as they have the depth of barrel-aging combined with a refreshing and elegant champagne-like flavor. They have appeal for all drinkers from beginners to the most seasoned experts.

When Epic started their can series, they knew they wanted to somehow incorporate a Brainless fruit beer in the collection. They also knew, though, that 9 or 10% abv was not appropriate for cans. So they came up with the concept of Lil’ Brainless Raspberries, reducing the abv to almost half while still using lots of pure raspberry puree to give it lots of flavor and character. This is the perfect addition to the Epic canned beer lineup. After a crisp lager and hoppy IPA, your palate is ready for a jolt of tart fruity raspberries. When you want plenty of flavor in a light and refreshing body, this beer is for you!