Wreck Ale

ミッケラー(デンマーク / コペンハーゲン)

Beer Type: Golden Ale
ABV: 5.9%
IBU: -

Wreck Ale


時は経ち、デンマークのチームTernenは海底へ潜り、お宝のmならずビールも一緒に見つけたのです!それは、まさに1861年イングランドのキングストン・アポン・ハルで醸造された未開栓のボトルでした。イースト会社の協力の元、イーストと製造方法を解析に成功!そして、ミッケラーとデプロフはそのイーストとレシピを使用し当時のビールを実現させたのです。これがまさに、Wreck Ale,難破船エール。158年前の味わいがここに。

In 1861 a ship was sailing to St. Petersburg, Russia carrying beer from England. The ship crashed off the coast of Denmark. All the passengers and crew were saved, but the ship went down in 10 minutes, 70 meters down to the bottom of the sea.

The Danish diving team Ternen, dove down and recovered some treasure, including beer!!! They were able to get an unopened bottle of beer brewed in Hull, England in 1861. With help from White Labs,’they were able to recover the yeast and determine the ingredients and basic recipe. They called Mikkeller and at DeProef they brewed a beer using the yeast and recipe!!!! This is the Wreck Ale!!!!

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